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* Establish rights to patentable subject matter FREE (2:22) * The truth about "FREE online kits"
 Structure and methods patents (2:20)  
 Business methods and processes (2:26) Basic research:
 Machines and machinery (1:22)  Know your competitors (1:05)
 Software (1:43)  Identify competitive products (1:07)
 Chemical new compositions (1:17)  Market model (1:11)
 Improvement patents (2:48)  Market price structure (1:27)
* Write an invention disclosure (FREE)
Innovation communication
 Title of the invention (1:20) The teaser (6:57)
 Background Summary of the invention (1:24)  New Product Summary (4:49)
 Detailed description & drawings (1:53)  Confidential summaries (1:37)
 Date of original conception, uniqueness and verification (2:39)  
 Reduction to practice and maintaining logs (1:44) Take action!
   Qualify sales potential (4:54)
Search patents, trademarks, copyrights & prior art  Team building, make professional presentations  (2:11)
 How to do a word search (2:14)  Action plan (1:52)
 How to search published patent applications (1:05)  Along the way... (2:15)
How to search trademarks at the US Patent Office & Trademark Office, Bing, Google and Yahoo (3:48)
How to search copyrights (0:42)  NEXT: preserve your rights - keep written records in the Scientific Journal
Download the IdeaTracker and track your progress
Bonus: Listen to incredible insight from leading entrepreneurs
Patents in Commerce Milestone Objectives and Expectations (10:37) Milestone History of Invention (19:32)
Milestone Development Strategies and Teams (20:43) 20/20 Hindsight (3:26)
Legend: Milestone Money maker Must know Warning! inspirational insight Inspiration insight * free video
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